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QUICK Sausage And Cream Cheese Biscuit Bites Recipe

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1 pound Any type of sausage
8 ounce Softened Cream Cheese
1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
11/2 cups Shredded Cheddar Cheese
20 Biscuits | 2 cans of Jr. Flaky Biscuits

QUICK Sausage And Cream Cheese Biscuit Bites Recipe

Are you thinking of an appetizer, afternoon snack or a quick breakfast? Let’s make sausage and cream cheese biscuits. You only need 05 ingredients.


About Sausage And Cream Cheese Biscuits

Sausage and Cream Cheese Biscuit Bites sounds fantastic and smell fantastic. This mouthwatering appetizer, breakfast mixture can prepare ahead of time and refrigerate until it’s ready to bake. Such a lifesaving recipe. You are absolutely going to love this recipe and will make at least three, four times a week.

If you are not a morning person this is a perfect meal for breakfast. You can prepare the ingredients well ahead and can get good sleep. This actually works for any time during lunch or perfect for dinner time to go along with it.

More sausage is better than anything. Trust me this is a perfect appetizer for an evening party or a brunch. It’s nice to have a savoury item on the menu. I’m pretty sure it will be an amazing snack for everyone.

These biscuit bites are just perfect for large gatherings and this recipe makes 40 sausage and cream bites. This homemade appetizer will be in huge demand as they taste ridiculously good.

Lifesaving appetizer for sudden plans.



You can use any kind of sausage but make sure that it goes well with your choice of biscuits. You can even try with ground sausage from the local butcher. Even you can try adding different seasoning flavours to elevate these cream and cheese sausage flavours to create something new and tasty.

  • You can replace the sausage by using chicken.
  • Useful as an appetizer.
  • Serve it warm or at perfect room temperature. All you need to do is to wrap them up in a paper towel and reheat in the microwave for 30 seconds.
  • Make sure all the ingredients are fresh and in good quality. It will affect the quality and flavour of the final product.
  • If you don’t have a muffin tin you can use parchment baking sheet. Even you can become more creative and make muffin tin shaped from foils.


This homemade sausage and cream cheese biscuits takes only 18 minutes. Give it a try. It’s amazing.


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Let’s start with preheating your oven to 375F. Apply some cooking oil /butter on to mini muffin pans /cupcake trays and set aside.


You need to cook your sausage in a pan over medium heat until no longer in pink. Make sure the cooked sausages are drained properly.


Add cream cheese, cheddar cheese, cooked sausage, Worcestershire sauce together and mix well.


Get the biscuits and split each biscuit into two and place them inside and around the muffin tin.


Scoop the prepared mixture into the biscuit covered muffin tin.


Bake until biscuits turn into golden brown about 12 to 15 minutes.


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