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The Best Crockpot Chicken Wings Recipe You Will Ever Try

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4 lbs Chicken wings
Homemade Buffalo Sauce:
1 ½ (12 TBS) Stick melted salted butter
12 oz Hot Sauce
1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
1 Tablespoon Honey
½ teaspoon Garlic powder
For Serving:
Celery Sticks
Carrot Sticks
Blue Cheese Dressing

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The Best Crockpot Chicken Wings Recipe You Will Ever Try

Just throw everything into the crockpot!


About Crockpot Chicken Wings

Crispy Crockpot Chicken Wings are easy to make in the Crock-Pot and make a perfect party snack and appetizer! They’re so tender and juicy on the inside that they slide right off the bone. For extra crispy results keep them in the oven or air fryer. Serve them with homemade spicy buffalo sauce or your choice of BBQ sauce.

To start, these Crock Pot chicken wings are tossed with a flavorful Buffalo sauce and cooked low and slow. Once tender, a quick broil before serving helps to crisp the outside and caramelize the sauce. If you love a good chicken wing recipe, yet don’t like deep frying and the smell of the oil. Cooking wings in the slow cooker are much easier than traditional deep frying.

Buffalo wings are typically served with a dip for added flavor or to cool your mouth from the spice! Ranch dressing has a great fresh flavor and is loaded with fresh herbs and vegetable flavors, making it the perfect dip. It has a nice thick consistency, we use it to dip everything from hot wings to vegetables. Not only does it taste delish, but it also helps cool the heat of these slow cooker chicken wings and contains no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

This crispy chicken wings are always a good choice and the best appetizers. It’s simple and delicious that you can pop in your mouth and eat in a few bites. These crockpot chicken wings are slowly cooked, making them extremely juicy, sticky, and easy to eat!
There’s absolutely no hot oil, no deep-frying, no dreading, nothing. Just throw everything into a slow cooker, press the high or low button and that’s it. Really. It’s just that easy. And the results are unbelievably amazing. These chicken wings are cooked perfectly, soaked in all that flavor for hours on end. And the meat falls off the bone!


How to cook Perfect Crockpot Chicken Wings

Do not thaw the chicken wings. They will thaw and cook at the same time. Make sure to give a good rinse to your chicken wings.

How long does it take to cook chicken wings in a crockpot?
When you use a crockpot it takes a bit longer to cook than they were deep fry them. But you will have the most tender wings after 3-4hours on high (cooked from frozen) making them perfect to put into the slow cooker before your guests arrive.
Cooking your chicken wings from frozen will create more liquid in your slow cooker. Once cooked, you need to discard the cooking liquid and brush it with a little bit of marinade and broil them.
After broiling, you need to keep them in a slow cooker to keep them warm.


Tips and Tricks:

  • Don’t cook the chicken for too long. Pay more attention to the cooking time and do not overcook otherwise the chicken can become too tender and fall apart in the sauce.
  • I don’t recommend using frozen wings as those have a layer of ice glaze over each one to prevent them from sticking together. This will melt and water down the sauce. If you do cook from frozen, cook on high for 3 hours on high, or 4-5 on low.
  • If given the choice between an oven or an air fryer, the air fryer makes the chicken wings crispier in a shorter amount of time.

Storage: Store in an airtight container and refrigerate for up to 4 days or freeze for up to 3 months.


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Make sure that the chicken wings are completely dry and place them in the Crock-Pot.


Mix sauce ingredients together. Set 1/2 cup aside and pour the rest over the chicken. Stir to combine.


Cover and cook for about 2 hours on high, or 3-4 hours on low. When they are done the internal temperature will reach 165°F.


Use kitchen tongs to carefully remove them and place them on foil-lined baking sheets. Brush with the reserved buffalo sauce.


Place cooling racks on top of the baking sheet and place the wings on top. The extra airflow will make the wings crispier.


Preheat oven to low broil, 4500F degrees. Add the wings and cook for 10 minutes, until the top begins to brown.


Remove from the oven and brush with more Buffalo sauce. Broil them for about another 8-10 more minutes or until crisped and slightly browned.


Remove and serve with blue cheese and celery/carrot sticks.


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