Tips For Writing Better Ad Copies


If you want to run a successful newsletter ad campaign for your website, then just wait for a second and have a look at these important tips that can make your advertising campaign valued for money that you pay for campaigning. So here are the tips which will help you to develop the right and proper message in your marketing tool.

Write carefully

write carefully

This means that when writing your piece, be very careful of what you’ll say in your ad copy. Once something is written, it is very hard to take it back. This is the reason why lawyers always put everything in black and white. A written statement always stands in court. And it is always more tangible than any verbal declaration. Hence, writers should always be careful to avoid creating mistakes in their spelling, grammar, punctuation and word usage. One wrong word can mean a whole document of errors and misinterpretation.

A Sense of Style

Style can go a long way in making yourself easily understood by your target readers. But style can also make your message ambiguous and prone to numerous misconceptions of your intent. Thus, when you write using a unique and creative style, you have to steer clear of jargons and slang words, first and foremost. You have to understand that everyone, even the common guy, should be able to comprehend your message. Using jargon and slang words can often confuse rather than explain your message further. Try not to use abbreviations unless you’ve defined it beforehand, and never use symbols if you can help it. Clichés should also be avoided.

Proofread, proofread, and proofread!


Writing your ad copy is not complete without proofreading the whole lot. Checking it thoroughly at the end of your copy will help you straighten out any creases and correct errors, and even change some of the ideas presented.

When you proofread be sure to check the spelling and the grammar, especially with the help of your computer. But do not leave the editing to your computer; double check everything as computers do tend to be unreliable. And make sure that everything is clear and concise, to avoid being misinterpreted with your message.

And remember to always provide short, precise and clear copy that gets to the point. Your target readers do not have the time to sift through all that unnecessary words just to get to your message. Do not waste their time and you’ll surely make a good impression on them.

A Few More Tips…
– Emphasize with brackets.
– Correctly spell the names of persons and companies.
– When you use a direct quote or text, be sure to place quotation marks around them, as well as on the titles of publications that you got the quote from.
– And as always, keep your ad copy short and clear. Short sentences are way better than a long and winding copy.

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