How to Develop good Communication Skills

How men and women communicate

There are particular techniques which may help you out in enhancing your communication skills and these strategies will tell you precisely what you lack in being a great speaker as well as a really good listener. Get all the info you need here.

Communication Basics

Effective communication is a truly crucial skill which you must learn if you wish to move ahead in your career. Regardless what you do and what your intents are however if you can’t communicate effectively then, your entire idea of progressing will bomb.

The Basics

You can’t tell your plans and goals without an effective communication strategy. If you’re confused while explaining something then, individuals will think that thing will also be confusing. This is a natural reaction which every normal individual will give you.

You might have seen that there are some individuals with a truly confident and alert tone and these individuals always tend to be more successful and managed in their lives than those who lack assurance and effective communication skills.

This isn’t because the latter types of individuals don’t have the working capabilities however it’s simply that they can’t motivate individuals to work for them and they may never convince individuals effectively to team up with them.

Some individuals believe that simply speaking and expressing is communication however you ought to know that listening is a different truly crucial part of the communication. When you listen then, you are able to express yourself and these expressions promote or discourage the speaker to continue.

Communication is a crucial process which helps us to convey our feelings and without communication, we will not be able to share our experience with other individuals.

There are assorted parts of communication like speaking, listening, motions, and body language although each one of these is crucial to make communication effective. When you are able to master these all parts then, you may say that you have learned the art of communication.

Types Of Communication


There are 2 types of communication and you are able to call these 2 types verbal and no-verbal communication. Both of these are crucial in a way that they complete one another.

2 Types

There are different properties of verbal communication like words, language, voice and others. When a youngster is born, he has vocal cords and as he grows he learns to command those vocal cords and to speak words.

A few words are just natural gestures as crying out or laughing however with time, he learns to speak language. Words solely have no meaning instead individuals give meaning to words by ordering them in different ways.

Through speaking we always attempt to make things clear however this doesn’t occur always. When we believe that something is relevant to us, we likewise think that this thing is equally relevant to others also however it is not like that. You may experience lots of issues in speaking and only way to handle all those issues is through experience.

Speaking has basically 2 areas which are interpersonal speaking and public speaking. Most common is interpersonal speaking as we communicate mostly person to person and in order to do that effectively, you have to learn individuals and read individuals correctly. Manners matter most in interpersonal speaking and you ought to speak in a manner that the individual shouldn’t be offended in anyway.

Public speaking is a different area which you may improve by just observing some good speakers. Time has shown that some individuals are always good public speakers although others can’t be truly good public speakers.

Nonverbal communication is likewise an integral part of communication and as a matter of fact in a few cases, it may be more crucial than verbal communication. Situations may come where words won’t let you explain things decently and in those situations, non-verbal communication comes into play.

There are assorted parts of non-verbal communication like artifacts, haptic, chronemics and additional similar things. Artifacts are the most crucial things which include your clothing, dressing style, jewelry and other accessories which get to be part of your personality.

According to most of the experts, your wardrobe is the most crucial object in haptic and it may always send the affect of your real personality. Individuals may be often judged from their clothing style.

Likewise, you may get an idea of feelings from haptic as well. The way you touch something or somebody may send a right or wrong impression which means you ought to be truly careful.

Types Of Personalities


The history of the 4 personality types, a.k.a. the 4 temperaments begins with Hippocrates 24 hundred years ago. He described the 4 personalities by naming them black bile, yellow bile, phlegm and blood.

So what do these fluids have to do with personality types?
Hippocrates described these fluids as representing a person’s health. Black bile = Melancholy, Yellow bile = Choleric, Phlegm = Phlegmatic and Blood = Sanguine. Melancholy, Choleric, Phlegmatic and Sanguine are the 4 personality types of this day and age.

Melancholy means that you’re really analytical. Choleric means that you wish always to be in charge. Phlegmatic means that you are a nurturer. Sanguine means you simply want to have fun.

Personality Types

Every personality has its own strengths and failings. Every one of us is a combination of all the 4 personalities, but we all have a dominant personality type and a less dominant personality type.

Melancholy – also known as an Emerald, Green, Conscientious.

The force of this personality is: Thinker, Inventor, Planner, Analyzer, Accurate, Organized, Thoughtful, Detailed, Artistic, Philosophical, Perfectionist, Economical, Idealistic, and Purposeful.

The failings of this personality are: Introverted, Easily Depressed, Over Cautious, Analysis Paralysis, Layed Back, Skeptical, and Pessimistic.

Those who have Melancholy people close to them ought to drop generalities from their vocabulary. Words like “always” and “never” won’t be valued. If at all possible, dip the volume of your voice and keep your tone friendly.

If you’re in a bad mood, see that you don’t drip your negativism on them, they’ll take it personally and be questioning all day what they did wrong.

To convince melancholies you need to have details. They want to see all of the points on the PowerPoint and have them explained as well as any other detailed material. You may want to provide supplemental material with lots of details to them.

Choleric – a.k.a. a Ruby, Red, Dominance. The force of this personality is: Natural Born Leader, Goal Oriented, Achiever, Outgoing, Optimistic, Hard Working, Aggressive, Strong-Willed, Decisive, Problem Solver, Confident, Independent, Succeeding, Risk – Taker, Direct.

The failings of this personality are: Domineering, My Way Or The High Way, Rule Breaker, Compulsive, Controlling, Cold, Tactless, Intolerant, Indifferent, Bossy, and Impatient.

A choleric’s failings include anger and aggression. A choleric is the most likely to have a dynamic temper; he is a door slammer and horn blower and he might carry a grudge for a long time. This includes a raw and sarcastic tongue and the choleric will rarely hesitate to tell somebody off.

To convince cholerics you have to gain their respect. If they view you as uncertain or unprepared you lose. They like winners. If you want to convince cholerics to attend a function, tell them all the leaders will be there. Let them know how what you offer will make them a better leader. Cholerics lead through the force of their personalities.

Phlegmatic – also known as a Pearl, Yellow, and Steadiness. The force of this personality is: Care Giver, Stable, Patient, Listener, Peaceful,Tolerant, Easy Going, Calm, Reliable, Loyal, Pleasant, Inoffensive, Nurturing, and Sympathetic.

The failings of this personality are: Indecisive, Avoids Rejection, Permissive, Worrier, Shy, Bashful, Nonchalant, Timid, Loner, Fearful, Hesitant, and Compromising.

The phlegmatic is better qualified by the words “easy going”. He’s the relaxed and steady person who is not easily disturbed. He’s the easiest temperament sort to get along with.

Life for him is happy, unexcited and calm. Underneath the relaxed exterior, the phlegmatic is the most uncertain temperament type. He frequently utilizes humour to make his points. The phlegmatic is more an observer and doesn’t involve himself in the activities of others.

To convince a phlegmatic you have to show them how matters are in the best interest of the group. You often need a format where they’re asked their opinion. You may need to communicate in a way that levels the playing field and keeps them from being dominated. They lead by forming alliances.

Sanguine – a.k.a. a Topaz, Blue, Influence. The forte of this personality is: Cheerful, Sincere, Apologetic, Inspirational, Enthusiastic, Creative, Optimistic, Charismatic, Entertaining, Curious, Volunteering, Promoter, Expressive, Outgoing, and Extroverted.

The failings of this personality are: Talkative, Forgetful, Poor Listener, Repetitious, Frank, Interrupter, Unpredictable, Haphazard, Unorganized, Nervy, Inconsistent, Messy, Moody, Show-off, Changeable, and Scatterbrained.

He’s comfiest around people and doesn’t like being alone. He’s often known as a “toucher”; reaching out and touching the arm or shoulder of the person he is talking with. This may make more introverted temperaments nervous and uncomfortable.

If you want a sanguine personality to attend an event, tell them how much fun it will be or give them a position up front where they’ll be noticed. A sanguine would probably make a great master or mistress of ceremony for an event. Sanguines lead by being using their ability to be winsome.

Body Language Basics


Our body language, or the way we utilize different parts of our bodies if we’re in public, is a really important indicator of our mental state. Several experts have noted how we may read individuals’ minds simply by looking at their bodies. This is called body language reading.


Now, you can’t do this too obviously. If you stare at an individual’s body, you’re going to be labeled a leech! However, there are those subtle signs that individuals give out all the time, and it only takes you a split second to read them.

For example, you might just look at the way an individual moves their eyes if listening to you, or the way they hold their lips if talking. You might look at the stance of their arms and legs and the way they utilize their hands. These are all vital body language signs. It doesn’t take you any time to read these signs, however they may tell you so much if you pay attention… and if you know what to look for.

If you consider it, there are so many ways in which this may prove vastly advantageous to you. Think of all the things you may do if you’re able to delve into somebody’s mind. You’ll be able to understand what they’re thinking and how they’ll react to you in the next minute!

If you’re soliciting somebody with a business proposition, by being able to read what is in their mind, you might give them just the thing they are looking for, even before their voice their apprehensions. You might put individuals at ease. If you’re with your loved one, you might put their apprehensions to rest whenever they crop up.

Reading body language surreptitiously is a potent tool of personal development itself. If you’re able to keep everybody happy, individuals are going to consider you with greater regard. The confidence that that may instill in you is immense. It could help you become a better individual, an individual who may always be counted upon.

We’re not saying that these techniques of body language reading are infallible. There are exceptions, as always, and you’ll have to utilize your better judgment on some occasions.

All the same, at the end of it all, these are signs that will work most of the time and in most of your interactions with individuals. This is the way individuals normally behave, and you’ll need to know how to weed out the exceptional reactions that might come your way.

Speaking of personal development, if you know how to read the signs of body language in other individuals, you’re automatically enhancing yourself as well.

You know how body language is interpreted and hence you may manipulate your own body language so that you give out the signals you want. May that not be done? Naturally, it may! If you may read other individuals’ body language, you may certainly improve your own as well.

Improving Skills

word Skills hand written on the chalkboard with rising arrow gra

We’re living in a really high tech world these days and everything and everybody thinks and acts really professionally. If you’re really into making your career in a set of booming organizations then, you have to have some strong interpersonal communication skills.

A few individuals have this born talent that they’re really effective communicators and speakers however other struggle to convey their message effectively even when they’re more competent and educated. These skills may help you to accomplish the greatest success in your life because you may mesmerize individuals with your thoughts and wording.

Tongue and brain are 2 of the keenest weapons which may be utilized to make your own way really clear and straight. You may convince individuals even for the dumbest things if you have some strong interpersonal communication skills. There are assorted strategies which you may learn and these strategies can make your communication skills leap out.

Changing It

If you work in an organization then, there are changes happening in that organizational culture from time to time. These changes may be advancement in technology, different sort of individuals coming in to join, assorted techniques being implemented to increase the performance but regardless what sort of change your organization is introducing, if you are able to adopt that change freely and easily then, this will boost your interpersonal skills a lot.

These days, most of the times, technical advancements happen in organizations which you are able to adopt really easily with merely a little research. If you’re the one to adopt that change fast and effectively then, your stature will rise in the eyes of other co-workers and they’ll begin to give you more respect.

Time which is lost due to ineffective communication is really relevant because most of the modern organizations run on really tight deadlines and if you can’t fit in that tight deadline and busy schedule then, you’ll face lots of troubles however with improved interpersonal skills and proper time management, you are able to get rid of this issue.

If you’re able to communicate effectively and you complete everything in first attempt then, it will not only better your interpersonal skills but it will likewise increase your importance in the organization.

There is a saying that “great communicators are made not born”

If that’s true then, regardless how bad communicator you have been in the past but you should never lose hope and give your best effort to better your communication skills.

There’s no way that anybody can hold you back from your target and these communication skills are also not really difficult to grasp. All you need is a bit of courageousness and motivation to learn them.

Final Hints

Communication is present even when you do not think so.

Being Cautious To say that you don’t want to talk, you have to make a gesture and that gesture is part of communication. Silence is a different way of communicating and it depends on cultures.

If you take a long pause prior to answering a question, it might be thought as a sober gesture in a few cultures while in other they might take it as a dumb gesture. This means that communication isn’t always done with the help of words rather sometimes your body language may tell others lots of things.

For instance when you come home late and your mom catches you then, even if she doesn’t say anything but you know from her facial expressions that she means something and that is “grounded”.

Once you speak words then, you can’t bring them back and this property makes all kinds of communication irreversible. That’s why that saying of “think before you speak” is popular as once you speak then you’ll do the damage or take the advantage and you can’t reverse that advantage or damage afterwards.

To prevent any harmful action by your communication, you have to make certain that you’re utilizing a most positive set of words and sentences because it’s another saying that states

“Message will be heard in its most negative sense, if there is any”

This clearly says that you ought to avoid the utilization of negative words and expressions in your communication to make it more effective and more positive.

Contextual communication means that you may never communicate in isolation and you always need some sort of connection with you to explain your communication to. It may be one of your friends, a social meeting, an organizational meeting, your life partner or anybody else but you have to have somebody who can read and react to your communication.

This makes it even more interesting as when some other party is involved then, this means, you have to think more about his viewpoint and communicate accordingly. If you began communicating in your own way then, you might understand the meaning but you might convey a different meaning.

From all of these properties, one thing is apparent that you need to be really precise about your communication and if you added anything wrong in your communication then, it will ruin the whole purpose of communication and you’ll face some kid of loss.

Wrapping Up

It’s a great idea to look at your communication in your personal life or, business communication, or network marketing life and ask, “What is in it for each of the different personalities?” When merged with a segmented analysis, it will help you produce powerful communication techniques. Effective communication has a great and really deep significance in our daily lives.

In almost every step of your life, you’ll need to communicate and communicate effectively. If you communicated improperly or ineffectively then, it won’t only disturb your own life however it can affect lots of other people as well. This phenomenon increases the value of effective communication a lot. In this whole post, you’re given different tactics and tools to measure your own interpersonal communication skills and after measuring you are able to make them better.

Making all of these skills better is an imperative part of your life which will take time but as it is said that “Anything worthwhile, takes a while”.

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