How To Covert Prospects Into Buyers


Funded proposals are basically the platform where good introductory products are offered at a very low price to potential prospective clients with the intention of further enticing or encouraging them to commit to making a more impactful purchase or commitment to the business. Get everything you need to know here.

Network Marketing Funded Proposal Basics


Funded proposals are basically the platform where good introductory products are offered at a very low price to potential prospective clients with the intention of further enticing or encouraging them to commit to making a more impactful purchase or commitment to the business.

Ideally these introductory products should in some way be linked to the original core business intended to be introduced. In doing so the merchant is able to enjoy some revenue for the very onset of the whole exercise thus limiting perceived losses.

The Basics

Besides being able to make some money, the merchant is also able to create a satisfactory level of interest in the business to encourage the client to be more confident and eager to make other follow up purchases.

The initial item offered at the lower price which acted as the enticing tool would then function as the ideal advertisement for other core products.

Even if the client is not converted to join the business venture, at the very least he or she will now be a valuable and loyal customer. Understanding that although freebies are good and often encouraged, having good introductory product that generate funded proposal are a better and more income orientated option.

The funded proposal systems also allows for the platforms of stable foundation setups that eventually contributes towards a more consistent growth rate. The use of prospect lists will also contribute to this higher percentage of gained income.

Choose A Great Affiliate Offer To Help Your Team Begin Making Money


As making money is the name of the game, making sure one is equipped with the best tools if indeed an advantage that is both wise and beneficial to have.


Choosing tools like affiliate offers to harness a higher percentage of money making chances is something worth exploring but in order to do so effectively here are some items that should be given due consideration:

Affiliate offers that generate monetary value should be the priority pick. Affiliate marketers all want to make money through this tool, therefore identifying the appropriate sites that would be most beneficial should be done. The contents promoted should be able to bring in the potential for bigger monetary gains.

Though the temptation to affiliate to sites that have good and strong lucrative industry products or services would be the apparent choice, one should also consider looking into less competitive sites that may be able to contribute positively through the affiliation.

Competing for attention in such an already highly saturated platform may not bring in the desired revenue as anticipated, resulting in the loss of valuable time and resources.

Ensuring the product being promoted has an already well established need in the industry is also beneficial when compared to featuring or offering one that is of little interest or use to prospective clients.

The general guideline would be to use affiliate offers with recognizably proven products as much as possible.

Choosing affiliate offers where personal knowledge on the product being offered is evident is an advantage as it will assist the individual in better promoting the site to potential prospectors.

This evidence of knowledge will further help to establish the confidence in the client towards making the commitment. This should provide the much needed edge for the success of the endeavor as a whole.

Train Prospects On How To Use The Affiliate Offer


In the quest to understand and then adequately provide for the wants and needs of the target audience the prospects should be made aware of certain criteria. Getting the prospects to the sites is only half the challenge because if they are unaware of how best to use the affiliate offers then the entire exercise would not be worth the effort.


Providing standardized guidelines which the prospects can easily follow would be a start in the right direction. These guidelines should ideally be self explanatory and simple.

Once the prospects are at the intended site they should be directed to take the next step which is to click on the tracking links available which can come in the form of text links, banners or any other profitable links.

However keeping the information attractive yet concise should be the part of the initial aim. This will help direct the prospects to focus on the making the clicks that will generate the best results for the host.

Matching the banners with the corresponding landing page will not only impress the prospects but will minimize any frustration experienced by the process.

Providing prospects with a valid reason to keep returning to the featured site will generate the revenue needed to make the site a success.

This will in turn create the well needed and important platforms to earn the trust, interest and loyalty to the site. Encouraging prospects to use the site for their own advancement is also one way of getting them to commit to the site and become an active contributor.

It will generate the additional traffic to further elevate the site positioning. Genuine recommendation and personal endorsements that are featured on sites should be actively sought in the process of locating and tagging onto revenue generating prospects.

Provide Ongoing Coaching To Demonstrate Your Expertise


It is always beneficial and necessary to provide the relevant guidance to help keep the prospects willing and able to handle the online tools well and to their own individual advantages. Providing the additional coaching demonstrates the concern and interest in ensuring the relationships stay relevant and optimized.

Coaching And Training

In order to be effective in the area of providing coaching in the relevant areas one must first be well informed of the subject or at least be perceived as being so.

This is important when trying to gain the confidence and attention of the target audience. Keeping abreast with the latest information related to the area being coached is one of the pre requisites of this exercise.

This should include constantly providing information and recommendations to all who visit one’s site with the intention of getting the experts view or take on related matters.

Putting up notices or helpful tips that will assist others in the quest to better their own agendas will eventually create the recognition needed to be considered the expert source to go to.

Designing new information and organizing forums, blogs and other interactive platforms also generates the prospects that will work towards revenue earned as this will eventually be the avenue most would seek when information is needed on a particular subject matter.

However one should be careful to ensure all information or material provided is of a certain standard and definitely reliable, so as not to jeopardize the possible expert label tagged to the site.

Being accessible through various different platforms such as blogs, social media tools, on line courses, video, speaking engagements, consulting and many others are all ways to further deliver information to those needing it, from the source they now perceive to be the “expert”.

Check In Regularly On The Prospects Success


Keeping tabs on all forms of progress made is definitely a worthwhile effort is done in a time and cost saving fashion. There are several areas that can be identified and concentrated upon to ensure optimum results in terms of furthering the revenue prospects.

Check In

The following are three very simple areas that should ideally have some form of regular checking exercise:

Identifying the possible contacts of previous prospects that have not yet converted to interested and committed customers. Upon exercising regular checks some action plan should be designed and implemented to reverse this status of current dormant prospects into active contributing elements.

Encouraging the prospects with actions plans that are both attractive and easy to implement, will help towards getting and retaining their attention.

Looking into other ways to further assist existing prospects to improve their current rates of success is also another
recommendation that should be followed diligently.

This will not only help the prospects to gain higher revenue intakes but also create the sense of mentorship that would encourage the prospects to push the limits. Receiving positive acknowledgements of efforts and achievements through the well timed checks on the progress of the prospects will definitely be very encouraging.

Not forgetting the actual prospects that have become beneficial customers churning out impressive revenue, the regular checks should include motivational material that help to keep the prospects even more excited about the endeavor at hand.

These regular checking exercises are also a way to assist each other whenever and wherever possible. New information and ideas can be exchanged which may benefit in some way or another.

These regular checks will also allow all involved to better monitor any progress made or the lack of it, and then proceed to recommend and implement positive changes that could contribute to a better state of affairs.

Gently Remind People Of Your Main Business Opportunity


More often than not there is a very real need to periodically remind existing customer based individuals and also untapped prospects of the main business opportunities available within the current sphere. This exercise should not be underestimated or overlooked in the zeal to expand the existing business reach.

Stay In Touch

In most cases it has been concluded that reaching out to the existing customer base is much easier than working on finding and getting new customers.

Costly resources and time if often spent searching for new customers while forgetting the abundance of the existing and available current base.

Therefore approaching these existing customers with new and relevant material should be the first step in reminding them of the main business opportunities available. This will then provide for the expansion possibilities that can be harnessed effectively.

Through the exercise of gently reminding potential customers of the main business opportunities being offered it may be prudent to also correctly identify the percentage of viable interests that will eventually convert to profitable customers.

Wrapping Up

By taking the time to really get to know the prospects needs and requirements one is also able to better gear the sales pitch to have a more significant impact.

This will also facilitate the projection of the main business opportunity which up to this point may have been overlooked through the process of getting the customer committed in the first place. This scenario is likely and very possible if the initial contact was made through affiliate programs offering smaller items that were not of the original core business.

Re accessing all data related to the customers will contribute to newer levels of knowledge of the customers core needs and thus allow for a better and more targeted approach when reminding them of the other bigger and better elements offered.

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