Work Smartly! Check If A Link is Dofollow or Nofollow?


When I started my blogging career in 2013, It was really difficult for me to get dofollow backlinks.

I started putting my link on high PR sites and after a month, when I saw my link report, It was terrible. I was not able to make even a single dofollow backlink (All were no follow 😥 ).

My efforts got flushed! But I don’t want you to make the same mistake that I have done when I was a beginner. Now, here I’m going to tell you the exact method that I use to find Dofollow backlinks. So pay attention Ladies and gentlemen 😯 .

Step 1: Download a Moz SEO Toolbar extension plugin that you will find in Chrome Web Store or you can use this link


Step 2: Then after clicking on Add to Chrome button, you will see a prompt for confirmation. So again, click on Add button.


Step 3: Now, after clicking add button, MozBar extension icon “M” will appear at the top right corner of your browser.


Step 4: It is off right now! Now, Click on “M” icon to turn it on (You can also use hotkey: Ctrl+Shift+Alt+M) and it will look like this:


Step 5: Now, as it is on, the bar will appear at the top of your browser like this:


Step 6: Now, Click on the ‘pencil icon’ to select whether you want dofollow or nofollow links to get highlighted.



As the color for dofollow links are blue and no follow links are pink, You will get to know whether posting a comment on a blog or any site will give you a dofollow backlink or not.

Have a look at how it will look after applying highlights:


So here is how I use to build high PR Dofollow backlinks and now, after reading this post, I’m damn sure that you are going to build a lot of dofollow backlinks. Best Luck!!!

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