35 Tips To Become A perfect upline and Leader


Upline is a term used in network marketing or multilevel marketing. Upline refers to independent distributor, including sponsor and representative above sponsors. A leader is someone who leads, being a director or head of company, organization, etc. Why is the existence of upline and leaders important? Get all the info you need here.

Upline And Leader Basics

Here are some reasons why leaders and uplines are important.

The Basics

• Most people who start to get involved with network marketing do not understand what network marketing really does. Thus, they look up to upline and leaders to guide them in network marketing. Network marketing is based on helping others to achieve goals.

• Leaders motivate and bring a team together. Being cooperative and helping each other will bring better positive effects to the business. Without a leader it is like having a loose team with no motivation to be successful in business.

• Leaders help to pick up the pace of enlisting distributors. Different distributors will have different working attitudes and different ways of approaching business. For people who are new to network marketing, a leader is important as they are yet to understand how things work.

• Leaders detect and use an effective system or procedures quickly. A leader knows well about the missions and visions of doing business. Therefore, leaders can direct downlines to efficient working, and resolve issues together. Leaders could also expand chances of improvement in business.

• Leaders initiate actions. Downlines may have no idea what to do next. Leaders know more than they do. Leaders direct and give proper instructions to downlines upon the next move. Leaders give best suggestions, advice and ideas on improving their network marketing. Some downlines depend on leaders a lot and wait for their leaders to respond.

• Leaders build confidence. With a leader, downlines are more confident in what they do, and towards their leader. A leader could build confidence through his/her working efforts, and when giving guidance to downlines.

Truly Understand What It Means To Be A Leader


A leader is someone who leads. In network marketing, a leader or upline plays an important role in direct downlines or people under your guidance into their marketing paths. These are some common mistakes a leader should avoid:

What Is Required

  • Being bossy.

You are a leader in network marketing, not a manager. People involved in network marketing generally do not wish to work for others. Network marketing is helping others in achieving goals, not crushing them in a way they did not wish to have.

  • Reproaching others in public.

Do not express disappointment or disapproval of your downlines in front of all the others. Correct your downline personally and privately. You would not know how he/she would react towards your reproach, if you did it publicly.

  • Being too gentle and kind.

When training downlines, make sure you point out their mistakes. Do not say things that encourage them in a way that could not help them. Tell them what is right and what can be done to improve themselves in network marketing.

  • Waiting for others to respond.

A leader generally knows what to do next. When you make a decision, give your downlines suggestions and ideas immediately. Approach your downlines quickly if you have a change of mind or you have a perfect plan for it. Some downlines will wait to hear from you.

  • Breaking promises.

If you have said it, do it. This is a matter of gaining trust from others. A leader keeps and fulfills his/her promises. If you are uncertain of something that you may not be able to fulfill, do not promise. With trust, people respect you and your work.

  • Complaining.

Complaining about everything will define who you are, and may expose your weaknesses to others who hear. A true leader will not complain, yet take every little step to achieve greater success, as a team with the downlines.

Lead By Example- You Must Be A Success


Leaders lead. Leaders set examples for others to follow. Leaders or uplines in network marketing guide downlines to achieve goals with success- as a team. What are the traits that make a successful leader?

Have A Look At Yourself

  • Stay positive.

Be positive and generate positive energy in working with downlines. Downlines look up to you so you are important when it comes to motivating them. Do not carry personal stress and feelings to work. Nobody else knows why and what you are experiencing.

  • Accomplish missions.

Leaders know about their missions. A successful leader will seriously consider and work with missions to fulfill the goals. A leader who always keeps missions in mind while working will also show good examples to the downlines who follow them.

  • Capability.

A successful leader shows traits of being an expert in either your field or leadership. It could be hard for people to follow your steps, admire, or respect you as a great leader if you seem to have shallow knowledge.

  • Be wise.

Not all teams can work well together. A wise leader will gather or group an effective team with abilities and skills, thus trusting them with their capabilities in their work. As a leader, one must be wise as in being humble to learn from mistakes- no one is perfect.

  • Good communication skills.

It is somewhat useless to have great ideas and working experience without expressing or conveying the message well. It is important to keep in touch with downlines, through e-mails or online messenger. However, it is best to have face-to-face meetings, as this would bring better effectiveness of expressing ideas.

  • Good interpersonal skills.

A successful leader is generally an extrovert, meaning they could join and blend in well with downlines. Approachable, likable leaders make downlines feel comfortable enough to interact with their leaders. When there are troubles, downlines will find it easier to discuss with the leader to resolve problems together.

Beef Up Your Communication Skills


A leader or upline in network marketing needs good communication skills to reach out to downlines. With good communication skills, a leader can give proper instructions, making it clear to understand. Good communication skills make a good team, too, and a leader can gain trust from downlines. These are some effective communication skills:


  • Listen.

An effective leader will not just give instructions and telling downlines what to do; an effective leader will listen to them, understand them, and give them suitable advice. Show signs of you being a good listener. Repeat what they say occasionally or ask questions.

  • Understanding barriers.

A leader should consider barriers that prevent effective communication with downlines. The stress that the speaker is facing, different races and cultures, different perceptions on what was said and what was heard are some sorts of communication barriers.

  • Body language.

A leader must understand and show proper body language in different occasions. Body language is important as it defines what kind of leader you are. A responsible leader will not use impropriate body language in wrong situations.

  • Asking questions.

Asking the right questions can allow a leader to understand effectively what motives the speaker has in mind. When downlines approach a leader for resolving problems, downlines themselves may sometimes found a solution when the leader asks questions to direct them back to the right path. However, do not be offensive when asking questions.

  • Be confident.

Be confident in yourself and your downlines who work with you. Do not be easily influenced. Downlines depend on their leaders. Confidence builds trust among downlines towards their leader. Downlines look up to their leaders.

  • Building trust.

Gaining trust from downlines is important to be an effective leader. If downlines approach their leader and tell him/her about privacy, keep it confidential. Do not easily spread what was told to you. Do not talk about others behind their backs; show good examples.

Learn To Empower Others


To empower, is to give power or authority to. Not all network marketing uplines have the ability to empower others. Learning to empower others is a good trait; you gain self-awareness and self-confidence, at the same time, helping downlines to achieve success. Through empowering others, a leader gains trust and loyalty from downlines while enhance working performance together with them as a team.

Helping Others

  • Ways To Empower Others

Share information with your team members or downlines. This is important as it can build trust, and allows them to make their own decisions when facing troubles. Believe in their abilities.

  • Focus on vision and goals.

Be clear on your vision and goals. This is necessary to give a good guidance to downlines, thus implying values, goals and mission in the daily work of the team.

  • Let others learn from their mistakes.

Everyone make mistakes. Give a second chance for downlines to understand and learn from their own  mistakes as well as from one another. Do not discourage those who are trying something new as this may prevent them from gaining experience.

  • Manage boundaries.

Do not provide too much information; it can be stressful and distractive. Do not provide too little information; this will bring inefficiency in work. As a leader, do identify and recognize information and resources that you get. Then,eliminate any irrelevant information and focus on information that helps for your team.

  • Ask productive questions.

Asking the right questions may stimulate team members to think strategically, thus improving their own thinking skills and problem-solving ideas. Focusing on concepts, strategies and values are what they are training for.

  • Create an environment that celebrates both successes and failures.

Don’t just look to team members who gain success, rather also look to team members who tried hard and took risks yet failed. They gain valuable experience which adds on to their future success.

Why It Is Crucial To Be A Great Team Leader


A team leader directs a whole team to their goals. It is even more crucial to have a great team leader in network marketing as uplines not only lead, they help downlines in achieving their goals together.

The Importance

  • Reassurance.

Downlines will feel secure in their group environment with the existence of a great team leader or upline. Confidence in a team leader and their team mates will boost team cooperation and thus, working together as one and improve performance together.

  • Inspiration.

A great team leader inspires and motivates downlines as they will look up to the team leader. A great team leader with a positive energy, enthusiastic spirit will uplift them for sure. A team leader with abundant knowledge on his/her business will even gain trust from downlines.

  • Responsibility.

A great team leader must be able to bear responsibilities at the worst times. If a team leader does not show good traits, he/she will find it tougher to handle problems and bad situations. Thus, it may make it hard also for the whole team who depends on the leader.

  • Gain Positive Feedback.

A great team leader directs downlines to do well and improve themselves. It brings a good reputation if the examples downlines follow are good ones. Hence, it brings in more clients. It also benefits in spreading the brand or name of the successful team.

Wrapping Up

With the good traits of a great team leader, downlines are willing and fully committed to the team leader. With a simple instruction or suggestion, downlines will find it reasonable to go with them. Therefore, conflicts are reduced and all focus would only just be on the network marketing.

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