17 Must-Read Tips To Effectively Brand yourself


In this highly competitive world,We usually face many problems getting a job. So branding  yourself is the best way to articulate your skills, Experience, knowledge all over the world. It helps you to stand out in the crowd.

Be So Good They Can’t Ignore you-STEVE MARTIN

Now,To effectively brand yourself,You first need to understand the different components involved,why they are important and how to implement it properly.So just dive in with me to grab the awesome and must read tips to brand yourself.

1. BANG! Social Media:


Create a profile on Social media that you think that can be helpful for you, like twitter, Facebook, google+, Linkedin etc.. Tips to use social media more effectively:

  1. Keep the same name, profile, pic, imagery, and look across your social profiles.
  2. Come up with a catchy, unique headline, blurb, or bio.
  3. Reserve your name on all social channels.
  4. Post every day to your most valued social profiles

2. Think about your own blog!!


You can register your own name as your domain name.If not available,use some variation that won’t confuse people and still reinforce your brand.Tips to use your blog effectively:

  1. Syndicate your blog in brand-related sites and networks.
  2. List your blog in pertinent website, blog and RSS directories.
  3. Exchange blogroll placements with industry bloggers.
  4. Make your blog look professional.

Why don’t you use Forum to join a chat?


You can use the forum to get in contact with the likely minded people.Find out groups,communities for your industry. Join a conversation. Tips to use the forum effectively:

  1. Help other people in your industry such as bloggers, Twitterers, colleagues, advice seekers, etc.
  2. Ask a lot of questions and listen.
  3. Make yourself available to your peers and organizations.
  4. Tell people you’re excited to hear their stories. They’ll be glad to share them.

Want more? Then Have a Look At these tips:


  1. Produce your own podcasts (audio or video).
  2. Interview industry celebrities, trendsetters and other people of interest.
  3. Be one of those people of interest and get interviewed on related topics.
  4. Write an eBook.
  5. Participate in other online initiatives to get noticed.

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